Norma & Gladys
14 March, 2023

Newfoundland, 2017. A few recent b/w edits. Colours here
“Nothing. Happened in 2017” he said. The pace of time, of life, frightens me sometimes. Once life settles in, the better part of it is routine. Steady, daily, repetitive, human. Not much stands out. With all the turmoil and suffering in this world, I won’t dare to complain. Nothing happening is not the worst thing that can happen. Still, it begs the question how well time is spent, what memories are collected in half a century. No easy answers to that. But this. Traveling slows down time, traveling stands out. Nothing much may have happened in 2017. But it will always be remembered for NFL.

For climbing Gun Hill early in the morning to uncover the view over Trinity. For the icy waters of Greenspond, in the midst of June, for a place called Happy Adventure where I dissected a white king crab. For missing breakfast and an empty stomach because the skull of a reindeer needed to be photographed. For missing the end of the world as a consequence. For a deserted settlement called Little Brehat and the fog over its bay. For Norma & Gladys.