April 08, 2017
I rarely walk past a framed landscape hanging on a wall without taking a picture of it. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I can't decide if the dark stain in the centre ruins the photo, or makes it more interesting. I guess it does both. The landscape was framed in a luminous box, and one of the lights was broken. Standing in front of it, I didn't really notice it, probably because of the overly saturated colours. But in the picture, it becomes an ominous presence somehow. A burn mark that erroded the celluloid of a film. A shadow hanging over Mývatn lake. A pityful defect in what was clearly meant to be a stunning representation of the area's main attraction.

It was our last day in Mývatn. We had an early breakfast on the morning we were leaving for Kerlingarfjöll. Shoes were not allowed inside. I ate too much waffles with sirup, they played Björk on the radio and we all quietly moved around on our socks.