Zoöp, 2024

I was asked to take additional photos of the exterior, showing the institute primarily as a Zoöp, with animals and greenery, in a welcoming, friendly and colourful atmosphere. A Zoöp is an organisational model for cooperation between human and nonhuman life that safeguards the interests of all zoë (Greek for 'life'). The zoöp model makes the interests of nonhuman life part of organisational decision making.

Open Model Storage, 2023

Located on the site of the Van Nelle factory, the depot occupies one of the factory warehouses and is used to store around 700 models in an open layout. As well as being a storage area, it’s also a workshop for collection managers, who work on restoring and registering models here or preparing them for transport as loans. To make the space suitable for both functions, architects Broekbakema installed a 460 m2 climate-controlled box in the warehouse in 2005.

The New Garden, 2023

The New Garden has been part of the outdoor space of the Nieuwe Instituut since 2015. It is used as a testing ground for ecological management and biodiversity. In the winter of 2021, the garden was redesigned due to the restructuring of the Museum Park. Since then, work has been done on the ecological restoration of the garden, bringing it back into full bloom.

Just in #1, 2022

Just in #1 exhibits ten archive pieces that have recently been added to the National Collection of Dutch Architecture and Urban Design. They are the first results of a acquisitions policy that now focuses more on current social themes, feminist practice and decolonisation.

Ministerie van Ontroerend Goed, 2022

This installation by Maurik Stomps invites visitors to take a seat at one of the desk at the Ministry of Moving Matter. The space and furniture are deliberately a little to small, which puts the power of bureaucracy into perspective. Anyone can leave their own written drawn or photographed story about the city here, or record a message via the telephone to contribute to a growing archive.  The collectively curated archive will aim to answer the central question of this project: ‘how public is public space’ 

Designing the Social is an exhibition exploring 100 years of socially driven, idiosyncratic ideas about living together.