Words, again

January 24, 2017
Every form of communication is a way of building at least some kind of relationship I guess. I’m not consciously working on the establishment or consolidation of relationships when I talk to people or interact with them on the social sites, my ambitions and expectations are very low in that respect, but it is what I do anyway. No matter how trivial or unpretentious the conversation, it's meant to take something forward, although we probably don’t even know what we are aiming for exactly. What to do with these connections, and if we even want them.

We had a brief conversation on one of the public sites the other day. We don’t do that very often anymore, rarely really. I like talking to him, regardless what it is about. But there is no relationship of any kind for us to build. We’ve been there already. I’ve been as close to him as I could possibly be to someone who is not part of my physical, tangible world, a friendship much closer than I ever thought it could be on those terms. But we lost it, and we are not going to find it again. So there is nothing to take forward, nothing to build. And I suddenly understood that this way of communicating, the last of what is left, will eventually die from its own pointlessness.