The perfect mountain
September 7, 2019
The pictures I take in the mountains are often surprisingly boring. Or they come from just plain bad picture taking. I should do better than that, really. There is, after all, the slow pace of hiking, the lovely landscapes and a 1300 euro camera on my back. No reason why I shouldn’t come home packed with gorgeous mountain scenes. But as it turns out, even when I think it’s not, or it shouldn’t be: taking good pictures is difficult, no matter how slow, lovely or expensive. The camera (the Fuji) is a thing though, after all this time I still feel I have no real authority over it, it’s too unpredictable what comes out of it. I find it easier to rely on the Nikon, but it’s too much of a weight to carry all the way up.

And there’s this weird little thing about mountains: I often think: Why should I bother taking a picture of this mountain? It’s never going to be as good as the best mountain picture I have ever taken. Not a constructive thought, I know. So I take the picture anyway. But I’m right. It’s never as good as this.

Iceland, 2014.  Picture taken withe Nikon D7000