The greater good
August 9, 2019

I ended up with a few black and whites. Only a few, but apart from liking them, I feel I need them to balance the prettiness of the colour landscapes. Although, how pretty they are is up for debate of course. From where I’m sitting, prettiness is more of a pitfall than something to strive for. So I made them part of the series*, these monochromes, although no travelogue has ever been less of a series than this one. So perhaps I shouldn’t even bother. But I do want to give each of those travelogues a place to exist, for better or worse. Not from a ‘look I’ve been there’ perspective, but because I want to properly face the photographic outcome. To better understand what it takes to photograph a series. To understand what it is that I want, really. What do various selections look like, what am I missing, what darlings need to be killed for the greater good, and, most of all: what is ‘the greater good’. What to do with different image proportions, with different scales – landscapes, close ups - what to do with black and white pictures when the majority is in colour. What does it look like in a slider, what if I would scatter them around on a page randomly. It’s like telling a story with a only very few words available, but with endless possibilities nevertheless.

*and then I didn’t.

These last two are from Gryllefjord. From wandering around the village for a bit before boarding on the ferry to Andenes. Above: view from that ferry.