January 15, 2020

I’ve never been particularly interested in photo gear, the newest models and their technology. I have never owned a lot of equipment, and I’m not sentimental about objects, generally speaking. And yet, one does, I suppose, develop a sort of relationship with a camera. Having two of them, and feeling differently about them, makes that all the more evident. The Nikon the mature, steady and trustworthy companion, the Fuji the obstinate youngster that delights and disappoints at will. I’ve been happy with the outcome of both, that counts for something. Now that they are gone, I was all too inclined to run to my retailer, buy exactly the same set of cameras, put them in the same bag, mount the same tripod on it, and nothing ever really happened. But times have changed, that’s what happened. 

Pictures taken at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, with a try-before-you-buy mirrorless Nikon Z6 camera.