March 03, 2018

We stranded pretty soon after we left the car and started walking. On a campsite. I love campsites, especially in winter. And in an area where you are exclusively surrounded by nature - apart from the occassional wooden barn -, these signs of contemporary human activity are not unwelcome, from a photographic point of view. I felt a bit bad about it, but while P. was trying to get us back on track, I took the opportunity to wander around a bit and shoot some pictures. P. got cranky, none of the road signs made any sense, and the navigation tool didn’t help much either. He felt trapped in the place, while I loved it, I could easily have spent a few hours strolling around taking pictures. I didn't mind the delay, and was happy with what I stored on the memory card. That happens sometimes, when you are together. It’s about sharing an experience, but you’re not really in the same place, and you will end up having different memories and feelings about it.