Preparing for winter
November 15, 2020

This picture from last weekend triggered some ideas. That happens sometimes, but usually nothing much happens after, as ideas have a tendency to drain away as quickly as they emerge, outsmarted by practicalities, my inability to move a project forward, a lack of time or motivaton. The only thing that might be different now, is that I need it more. Ideas, a project. Life has somewhat shrinked since the outbreak. The work eat sleep routine is starting to suck the life out of me. Keeping up photography feels essential under the circumstances. The idea is quite simple: go into town and take pictures, squares, in black and white, more ‘flat’ than spacious. I have no words for the content or concept yet, other than these formalities. I can somehow ‘see’ what I want it to be like, what it should look like and what feeling I want them to convey when I put them together. Very vague, I know. But enough to move forward, I believe. 

On a more practical note, but also stemming from this single image: I rearranged the website quite a bit. Some design changes, but more substantial: the menu now consists of six shortcuts: three permanent, and three subject to change, depending on what I’m working on or what I would like to put in the storefront. It includes a draft, a sort of moodboard for this new series. The index page is now the main navigation tool, offering access to every single page with one click. Keeping the institute and the travelogues out of the menu, pushes them somewhat to the background, which feels appropriate. 

Facade (detail) of the now vacant Correct building, a warehouse for consumer’s electronics in Rotterdam. Correct moved into this building, a former movie theater at the Bergweg, in the early seventies. It will soon be demolished to make space for a new housing complex.