07 February, 2023

Pastoor van Ars Church in The Hague, 1969. Architecture by Aldo van Eyck. Pictures taken 2018, edited 2023.
It’s a shame that I hardly ever do this. The way these pictures came about should be scribbled down on a post-it as a reminder of how simple it really is.

  • Think of a building you would like to photograph.
  • Look up a contact address.
  • Write an email/dial a telephone number
  • Make an appointment and explain the purpose of your visit.
  • Get on a train or any other form of public transportation.
  • (Be nervous to meet your person, that’s okay)
  • Meet your person.
  • Listen to their stories about the building/architect/residents. (They will love to talk about it, promised)
  • Take the pictures
  • Agree to send the pictures (If any good, you add, just in case).