December 08, 2019

I found a different take on this on the hard drive. It’s one of my earliest interiors, one that I’ve always had a weak spot for. It belongs to that undefined, hypothetical collection of photographs, mostly from the early days, that I feel have pointed me in a certain direction. The kind of picture that I’ve taken many times since then, but differently. Or not so differently. I know it better than most, regardless its age. I have familiarized myself with every aspect of it, the lines, the stains on the walls, the colour of the woodwork, the reflection on the ceiling and the light breeze touching the curtains.

And now it’s here again, with the lights turned on and some patches of sunlight stroking the walls and carpet. An odd feeling, it’s like seeing it coming to life. And now I’m imagining how a collection of b-sides, outtakes, the ones that didn’t make it to the platforms, dismissed in favour of its siblings sitting next to it in a folder on the computer, and ultimately, forgotten, how these photographs would form a sort of parallel universe. Shifting my whole perspective and memory a couple degrees, a couple of hours or, more likely, seconds.

Hotel in Valdivia, Chile, 2012.