Looking at mountains and ice and clouds passing by
August 24, 2016
We arrived early. Huge billboards picturing the glacier under a bright blue sky towering over a giant, empty parking space. We shared a cable car with screaming school kids, a couple of mountain bikers and a smelly dog. They got out halfway, fussing with their gear and with each other. Higher up we went, right into the clouds. The small plateau on top of the mountain was so quiet, all sounds muted by snow and fog. No view at all, just absolute seclusion. We spent the whole morning on the mountain, wandering off as far as we dared to go, toying with the camera, looking at rags of clouds covering and uncovering the views. Watching tourists taking over the little cafe, that suddenly came alive with parasols and postcards and blankets. We took off our coats, got sunburnt, ate soup that was too expensive, and listened to stories that strangers were telling to other strangers.

Eggishorn, Fiesch, Switzerland. 2.926 m. Photos taken with the Fuji.