August 1, 2019
Enough said about the harsh light, the outrageous skies, the bright greens and my own poor judgement, that made the pictures I took in Scandinavia somewhat less than brilliant. I have a soft spot for this one though. A soft sky, a glimpse of watery greens, some good lines and the perception of a slightly elevated viewpoint is all I need to promptly direct the car into the shoulder of the road and find my way through the bushes looking for a reasonably decent view. Which was hard to find, as usual. A camper is not a small vehicle. A lot of the times, when stepping out of it, the perceived view is gone, for no other reason than having both feet on the ground. Such exercises are failures 9 out of 10. This one included, probably. The composition is a bit awkward, not-quite-right, not easy on the eye. It somehow shows that I wasn’t in the right place. It’s not even very much in focus I’m afraid. But for me it has a very strong presence and mood.