04 July, 2022

Eco-Cathedral, Mildam. Initiated by landscape architect Louis Le Roy in the 1970s. See also 
I try not to go on and on about unforgiving greens and brutal sunlight, but this was another not so gentle reminder of how light really is everything and how you depend on it as a photographer. The most interesting structures of the eco-cathedral are situated in the darkest part of the woods. A dense but fiercely green lit canopy over a dark landscape, contaminating everything with a greenish hue. I think I know most of the tricks by now to make greens tolerable, but I felt rather helpless, no matter what editing tools I brought into action. I took these two pictures in a somewhat more open, lighter space, with a greater diversity of greens (as in vegetation, but also colour), bushes and plants more than trees. They still needed some tweaking, but I’m not unhappy with how that turned out.