August 31, 2019

Two outtakes from Belgrade from last February. 5x4 is a format that I use for landscapes and interiors every now and then. The 5x4 is more compact, and at the same time more spacious than a regular 6x4 and I like both qualities in a picture. I don’t often use it for urban landscapes. Which is only natural, given the fact that I don’t do much urban to begin with. 

I like playing with different aspect ratios, see what it does for composition, balance, feeling, mood, focus. An awful lot, if I’m lucky, like here (a 4x6 originally) or here. And sometimes it’s just a temporary delusion, making me think that a not so great picture might be worth something after all in different proportions. It rarely is though.

1. Mehanika repair shop, New Belgrade. I like this version (much) better, taken the previous day, at the end of the afternoon, when the shop was closed already and the sun was just a hint of a golden glow in the air. 

2. ‘Bezanijski Blokovi’. Housing blocks 61-64, 1971-73, New Belgrade. I was a bit tired of trying to do something that my lens doesn’t really allow me to do: shoot high rise. I guess this shot came from a sort of sulkiness.