What I’m up to

I’m halfway editing a book with pictures taken during two successive winters in the French countryside. Landscapes and villages at a standstill, a wintersleep of sorts. Pictures are drawn from two series: Le Morvan and Normandy 

I’m trying to get my Beograd series published somewhere. I don't think it’s going to happen though.

I accepted an invitation to become an admin for the Anthropogenics Flickr group and a possibly affiliated instagram account. I normally wouldn’t administrate a group that is not my own, but I have a weak spot for this one, a history of sorts. It affected my taste and interests in photography quite a bit when I started all this.

I recently purchased The Sochi Project – an Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus, by photographer Rob Hornstra and writer Arnold van Bruggen. Finally, because it’s been on the want list forever. And I have every intention to actually read it, so it will be on the Now for some time. After that, there is this: Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia 1948-1980. As for novels: David Vann’s Halibut on the Moon is up next.

Preparing for a four week trip to the Scandinavian north. Wondering if I should bring a tripod when there’s 24 hours of daylight.

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